This podcast will teach you how to
ask for more, in any area of your life.



This is where your coaching skills, intuitive spirit, and business wisdom align.

Service is one of your deepest values, and you’ve spent years building a career centered on helping others.

But somewhere along the way, the magic started to fade.

Perhaps you’re a healthcare provider who feels hamstrung by the traditional diagnose-and-treat medical model and wants to connect with their clients in a deeper, more transformative way.

Maybe you’re a mental health clinician who craves the ability to show up more transparently (and authentically) than what you’ve been taught is “clinically appropriate.”

And you’re definitely a hard-working, intuitive professional who knows deep down that service, ambition, and wealth don’t have to be mutually exclusive – no matter what you’ve been told by the experts in your field.

Here’s the good news:

Your training, experience, and healing spirit are completely transferable to the world of coaching. You already have many of the tools you need to coach your clients.

But it’s one thing to use a tool as a healer… …it’s another to master it as a coach.

Discover how to leverage your inner wisdom and existing skills to master the art of coaching, while also building an aligned business framework.

Learn how to

Ask For More !


The Ask For More Framework consists of four pillars:

Coaching Skills

Knowing how to coach powerfully the basis of creating extraordinary experiences for your clients. Everything we do is anchored in the ICF Core Competencies to ensure competent, ethical coaching practice.

Business Growth

Because if you want to serve your clients powerfully, you need a strong business to support you. Clear business operations and consistent revenue generation power your business engine.

Intentional Use of Self

There’s a path to share your wisdom, knowledge, and experience while centering your client to help them achieve their vision. Because no matter how many skills and tools you have at your disposal, YOU are your best resource.

Intuition and Energy

We are all intuitive, energetic beings, and every interaction and experience has an energetic signature. As coaches, we harness our intuitive abilities and follow the energy to best serve our clients.


Go from idea to income in 90 days or less with the Ask for More Blueprint.

Mazarine Treyz specializes in training you to ask for more and career coaching.

As a result, clients have increased monthly donors from 350 to 600, taken their schools from 10K to 170K in recurring revenue, and created their own global nonprofits.

Career coaching results include training first time fundraisers to get the interview & ask for a higher salary, veteran development professionals to get a better job and a higher salary, and more. See more results here. Or watch testimonial videos here.

Helping YOU tap into your
wisdom, intuition, and success as a coach

Ask For More

Ask for More is an inclusive membership site for coaches, consultants nonprofit leaders and creatives ready to master the art of coaching and build a sustainable, successful coaching business.

The program is accredited by the International Coaching Federation for Continuing Coach Education.

Ask for More Coach Certification

The Certified Ask for More Coach program is a 125-hour initial coach training program for helpers, healers, and intuitive professionals who want to deepen their coaching skills through a robust certification program. 

This program is in alignment with the ICF Coaching Core Competencies, and will be submitted for ACSTH-accreditation in Spring 2021.


Tuning into your wisdom and aligning it into your business model is easier said than done. That’s why I’ve created so many resources to support you as you align and grow.

Learn who you serve, how to create a transformational coaching experience, and more.


The Coach with Clarity podcast is for coaches, creatives, helpers, and healers ready to align their coaching skills and business sense to create and sustain a profitable business and fulfilling life. 

Get ready to dive deep into what it takes to start, grow, and scale your business — all with a healthy dose of woo!

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Irene Konev

"For the last year, I have been in Mazarine's mastermind. She helps women expand their businesses and grow.

In the beginning, I was overwhelmed and could not see the future or what I could accomplish. Because of our work together, I feel more confident, focused, and organized around my expanding business. With her help, I have more contracts, more renewals, and incredible outcomes that I could not imagine was possible for me. Our weekly meetings have been such a help during a chaotic time. I would hire her again in a heartbeat. You should hire her too. “

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