Asking For More Podcast Episode 8: Executive Director Sean Goode & Why You Should Pay People More

In this episode Mazarine Treyz interviews Sean Goode about his choice to pay all of his employees a living wage of $70,000 per year in Seattle at Choose 180.

If you’re an executive director thinking about creating a better working environment for your employees, you NEED to listen to what Sean Goode has to say.

Guest Bio: Sean Goode

Sean Goode is a speaker, facilitator, writer, podcast host, executive coach, and nonprofit leader who is driven by his mantra, “possibilities over problems,” which was born out of his lived experience growing up in what was overwhelmingly challenging circumstances. Through his stewardship of the now nationally recognized nonprofit, CHOOSE 180, he has worked to decriminalize youthful behavior and transform the very systems that have historically caused harmed to marginalized communities. Prior to leading this 2021 City of Seattle Human Rights award-winning organization he served as a chaplain in juvenile detention, championed gang and group intervention efforts, and worked to provide education and employment opportunities for youth in at-risk communities. 

Sean Goode is considered a national expert on justice reform and has been appointed by the Washington State Governor to the Partnership Council on Juvenile Justice where he serves as the vice chair working to address statewide issues surrounding the criminalization of adolescent behavior.  As a thought leader, Sean is regularly sharing his own personal journey, the transformative power of grace and the impact of elevating possibilities over problems with a diversity of audiences in both the private and public sector.

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