Asking For More Podcast Episode 7: Why it’s hard for women to ask for more with Mallory Erickson

What we talked about in this episode:

    • Why it’s hard for women to ask 07:00
    • What Mazarine has seen with her clients in the last 2 years 10:30
    • How your childhood impacts your ability to ask for more. 11:30
    • The bright lining in the sector- how much more could you get paid? 12:30
    • How do you turn people around when they think that they can’t ask for more? 13:23
    • Alchemizing fear into excitement 16:33
    • Why it’s so hard to access your feelings and why it’s so important to do it as you shift your money mindset 17:00
    • Why changing your money mindset is hard work 19:00
    • Why you are not selfish, greedy or demanding 23:00
    • Why compassion is key for equity 26:30
    • Different aspects of White Supremacy that show up in your everyday life 27:00
    • Come back into the office! The COVID’s FINE! 28:00
    • The awakening that is happening right now 29:00

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