Asking For More Podcast Episode 6: Going Beyond DEI statements with April Walker

Here’s what we talked about in this episode:

    • How can you go beyond DEI statements? 7:00
    • What makes deeper work necessary? 7:15
    • How miseducation serves the dominant hierarchy 08:00
    • A public learning moment for me at my conference last year 9:45
    • Embrace the messiness 11:00
    • Why Chief Diversity Officers cannot fix an entire culture 13:00
    • Why not looking at the harm that was already done is about white supremacy 16:00
    • How to begin with DEI at the C-suite level 17:30
    • A book to read about centering people on the margins 20:00
    • What April Walker loves to do 22:00
    • Another book she highly recommends 23:15
    • Misogynoir defined 25:00
    • We’re uncomfortable with Black women doing THIS 25:30
    • What I wish big org leaders understood about white supremacy culture in nonprofits 27:40
    • How white supremacy mutates 29:00
    • Resisting white supremacy culture by doing less 30:00
    • Mazarine recommends a book 32:00
    • How there are less microaggressions for Black women working from home 32:30
    • The performance white supremacy demands from Black women 33:30
    • How to be a white ally on a zoom call 34:00
    • Getting proximate to things you want to change 35:30
    • Mazarine talks about another learning moment she had at the Urban League 36:00
    • April talks about a microaggression she experienced at work 36:30
    • What you can do when this happens 38:30
    • Great Resignation versus A Liberate Yourself Movement 39:30

About April Walker

April Walker, MSW Equity Champion. Nonprofit and Foundation Consultant. April’s decade long career in philanthropy spans fundraising, consulting, and grantmaking roles at the American Heart Association, Boys & Girls Clubs of Chicago, CCS Fundraising, VNA Foundation, and Iris Krieg & Associates. Most recently, she served as Chief Development Officer for a workforce development nonprofit in Cleveland, Ohio. Born and raised in Baltimore, April’s background in social service administration informs her commitment to advancing philanthropy rooted in racial equity and social justice.

She is a member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals Greater Cleveland Chapter, and serves on the boards of Progressive Arts Alliance and the Akron Community Foundation’s Gay Community Endowment Fund. April earned a Master of Arts in Social Service Administration from the University of Chicago and a BA in Sociology from the George Washington University. Connect with April Walker at Philanthropy for the People.

April Walker spoke at the Nonprofit Career Conference in March 2022. If you’d like to listen or watch that presentation, go here.

If you’d like to learn more about working with Mazarine, go to the Asking for More Mastermind




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