Asking For More Podcast Episode 5: What is your TRUE nonprofit culture? with Deneisha Thompson

What is your TRUE nonprofit culture?

What you’ll find in this episode:

  • Why DEI training isn’t enough 4:05
  • Codeswitching is traumatizing 10:00
  • How to predict what your next consultant will tell you  13:30
  • What is the glass cliff? 14:30
  • Why it’s so important to ask for more from this sector 17:00
  • The key question you need to be asking at your organization 18:45
  • The secret to changing a toxic culture 22:30
  • What does decolonize mean? 23:30
  • Accountability = punishment and why that’s a problem 25:00
  • What has to be in place before relational repair 32:30
  • Why I’m sorry is not enough 33:15
  • How COVID has amplified workplace conflict 36:15
  • How you answer this question determines if your nonprofit should continue to exist 38:15
  • Why women are paid so little in the nonprofit sector & why I love to help women ask for more 40:00
  • It’s also about racism and homophobia-the Isms and Obias are killing our sector 41:00

Deneisha Thompson, LMSW, MA Consultant, Facilitator & Coach spoke at the Nonprofit Career Conference about healing from the trauma of a toxic nonprofit sector.

A social worker turned entrepreneur and consultant, Deneisha specializes in change management, partnership development and DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion). She designs powerful meetings, workshops, retreats and curriculum that have become highly sought after personal and professional development opportunities. Deneisha began her career working in the area of Adult Education at Hofstra University. She then transitioned into the nonprofit sector taking on a variety of direct service, clinical, management and leadership roles for programs servicing very challenging populations such as mentally ill substance abusers, chronically homeless individuals and families, and people with special medical concerns such as HIV/AIDS. More recently, Deneisha has been providing facilitation, consulting services and professional development to educational, government & non-profit institutions. She is also an Adjunct Professor at Metropolitan College of NY and has taught undergraduate courses such as Statistics for Groups, Critical Thinking, Community Psychology and Values & Ethics.

Deneisha continues to offer personal and professional coaching, training the trainer workshops and leadership development services as a private consultant. You can find out more information about these services at As a first generation American born and raised in the Bronx, NY, Deneisha understands how and why her story is unlikely and could have been very different. She is committed to using her resources, access and voice to help others. At Blue Compass Group, Deneisha manages our retreats division. In the rare occasion that she has down time, Deneisha enjoys traveling, reading and live music. She has offices in NYC & Atlanta. Deneisha can be reached at Or email

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